Year 2

In Year 2 the children continue to consolidate and build on the learning experiences from Reception and Year 1. They are challenged to become increasingly independent learners as the curriculum broadens and develops their problem solving and thinking skills.

As the most senior pupils in the school many of the Y2 children enjoy positions of responsibility and the opportunities to set a shining example to others.

They may be awarded roles such as House Captain, Deputy House captain, a variety of sports captaincies and the honour of acting as an ambassador for the School on Open Mornings.

Children are encouraged to assess and recognise their progress as they work towards learning targets that they have set alongside their teachers. They work both individually and in small groups thus enabling each child to progress confidently. We maintain strong, supportive home/school links as the boys prepare for the transition to their next school.

Our aim is to ensure that the children remain highly motivated and enthusiastic learners as they face the challenges of this selective process. We offer many opportunities for the children to develop additional interests and skills as they take part in many of the School's sports teams and perform in the annual school musical.

In Year 2 lessons are subject based, with Mathematics and English lessons taught daily. Specialist French, Sports and Music teachers provide opportunities for the children to develop their skills and extend their knowledge in these subjects.


Spoken Language – speaking audibly and fluently with confidence to different people. Listening, understanding and responding to others, considering different viewpoints, participating in group discussion and drama.

Reading - building upon phonological awareness, grammatical and contextual understanding and comprehension skills through individual and group reading and discussion of fiction, non-fiction texts, poetry and plays.

Writing - developing composition skills of writing, evaluating and revising real and fictional narratives, using increasingly interesting vocabulary, appropriate use of a wide range of punctuation and grammar, improving spelling strategies, dictation and handwriting skills.


Number - using and applying number through problem solving, communicating and reasoning, exploration of the number system, methods of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), money and mental mathematics activities.

Measurement – understanding, comparing and using standard units of measure for length, mass, capacity and temperature. Telling the time in five minute intervals. Using knowledge and skills to solve problems involving measure and time.

Geometry - understanding patterns and properties of shape, position, direction and movement.

Statistics – constructing and interpreting pictograms, simple tables, tally charts and block diagrams.

Using and Applying Mathematics - developing knowledge and understanding through practical activities, exploration and discussion.

Foundation Subjects

Art, Design, Science, Computing, Topic (Geography and History), PSHE and RE are taught weekly. 

In Science Forces, Electricity, Materials, Habitats and Plants and Animals are studied in blocks. The children are introduced to the investigative aspects of science and enjoy conducting their own experimental work.

In Geography and History the boys study topics including ‘Famous Explorers’, 'The History of Transport', 'The Great Fire of London' and 'On Safari in Kenya', including a focus on our Local Area.

Their understanding of the curriculum is further enhanced through visiting specialists to the school and relevant and local educational outings such as The London Wetland Centre and our annual PGL visit.