At WCPS, every child from Reception to Year 2 is taught French because we believe that it gives our pupils a good opportunity to acquire language learning skills from a young age.

The language is taught by a native specialist teacher orally through song and games, with the emphasis being very much on fun-based activities. It helps the boys to acquire good pronunciation and an “ear” for the sound of French.

The children in reception will learn simple topics such as greetings, colours, numbers, animals and food and drinks.

In year 1 and 2, the teacher will introduce more complex topics such as the body parts, hobbies and telling the time as well as some simple phrases and easy grammatical concepts.

The time allocation is thirty minutes per week and it is with a good knowledge base and a familiarity with French culture that the children enter their next school.

"Learning French is part of encouraging our boys with Social, Moral, Spiritual, and Cultural awareness.  This is also linked to our HEART values and whole school ethos."