Beyond the classroom, Wimbledon Common Prep School pupils engage in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that develop character, foster friendships, develop skills and personal fulfilment.  With specialist teachers, small class sizes, personalised learning experiences and a wide range of clubs before and after school children are given the opportunity to explore new interests and expand their skills.

From the start of their school journey, pupils at Wimbledon Common Preparatory School, pupils are encouraged to take part in a range of after school clubs, including sport, drama, art, IT and music. “The breadth of our extracurricular programme allows children to build their skills in areas which they already enjoy or try something new,” says Andrew Morrison, Head of Extra-Curricular Activities.  “Our philosophy of inclusivity is at the heart of our programme, there is something for everyone.”

The diversity of extra-curricular activities offered by our school gives all pupils the chance to find their passion, whether they’re a budding artist or athlete in the making. Children at Wimbledon Common Preparatory School can explore the arts through drawing classes, develop their IT skills through cyber coding or robotics clubs, perfect their performance skills by joining the drama or music clubs or practice their strategic thinking skills in chess club. There are also extensive sporting opportunities including football, tag rugby and cricket clubs, as well as minority sports such as judo and tennis clubs.

Extra-curricular programmes at our school are delivered by specialist teachers or instructors who are passionate about their subjects and provide personalised support to help children reach their potential. “All of our clubs are run by skilled staff who get to know the children and ensure their subject is delivered in an engaging and fun way,” says Andrew.

After school clubs give parents the advantage of an extended school day without having to travel so their child can maintain hobbies and interests. At Wimbledon Common Prep School, pupils can be on site from 7:45am to 5pm. “These opportunities are not simply wrap-around-care,” says Andrew. “It’s an extension of the fun and challenging education parents should expect from a school.”

The children have a diverse and extensive set of opportunities to enrich their lives and learn through experience. We believe that creativity and self-discovery are important aspects of the child’s experience, and these clubs and other activities are a great way to find new interests or develop existing ones. As an example, the following clubs have been offered throughout the previous academic year:

  • Art
  • Ball Mastery
  • Board Games
  • Chess, Beginners and Intermediate
  • Construction, Lego and Meccano
  • Cricket
  • Cookery
  • Drama
  • Early Morning Clubs
  • Eco-Warriors
  • Football 
  • French
  • Gardening
  • Judo
  • Music
  • Programmable Robotics
  • Science
  • Sewing
  • Tag Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Yoga