Sports & Clubs

Sport is an integral part of life at Wimbledon Common Prep School as part of the school curriculum and within our extensive extra curricular programme.

At Wimbledon Common Preparatory School we provide dynamic and innovative learning for all children, irrespective of their innate sporting ability. Participation in sport fosters good health, which benefits the boys in their academic work and inculcates personal qualities such as team-spirit, the willingness to meet a challenge and a sense of fair play. All of this contributes to the rounded education which is at the heart of the Wimbledon Common Prep School approach.

The children participate in a variety of different sports including major games – football, tag rugby, cricket as well as hockey, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, athletics and outdoor and adventurous education. Children receive an average of 2 hours of PE each week in small classes (maximum 22 children) delivered by a qualified PE teacher and specialist PE assistant.

Competitive Sport

All children will have the opportunity to play competitive sport against other schools and will play at least one fixture per term starting in Reception and increasing in number as they progress through the school. Children are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability. The healthy rivalry and pride in wearing the school shirt motivates the children to develop new and better skills. “Children learn that winning is not final, failure is not fatal and it is the courage and determination to continue that counts” says Andrew Morrison, Head of PE.

To encourage the pursuit of excellence, whether in sport or within the academic and pastoral life of the school, each child joins one of four houses. The houses are named after the ponds on Wimbledon Common: Kingsmere, Bluegate, Queensmere and Ravine.

Children are given house points during Physical Education lessons when displaying the school values of Honesty, Excellence, Ambition, Respect and Teamwork. House points are also given for acts of kindness, particularly good behaviour or notable academic or sporting achievement. They are highly motivated by this structure and quickly form an allegiance to their house. A sense of friendly fun and competition is evident as the house points are counted and the House Cup is awarded at the end of week Celebration Assembly. The senior children serve as house captains and take great pride in overseeing the counting of eagerly collected house points.

Inter-house competitive sport is held at the end of each term for all Year 1 and Year 2 children. Parents are invited in at the end of each term to watch their child play inter-house football and tag rugby matches. All parents are invited to attend our Sports Day in the summer term to see which team will be successful in winning the coveted Inter-House Sports Day Shield.

Children get the opportunity to participate in chosen sports outside timetabled hours and there are clubs for enthusiasts of football, tag rugby, tennis, cricket, ball mastery and judo in addition to a daily early morning sports club.

We have an Astroturf pitch on site as well as an indoor hall that is used for gymnastics lessons. In addition, children get the use of the facilities at Kings College School situated across the road when playing sports fixtures, swimming lessons (Year 2 only) and during termly inter-house competition and Sports Day.

PE Kit

PE kit that should be worn for sports lessons in Reception, Year 1 and 2. Please note, black velcro fastening astro turf trainers are part of the uniform.

Match Day Kit

Match Day Kit that is worn when Year 1 and 2 play fixtures. Please note, black football boots (with studs) are required in Year 1 and 2 for inter-house sport and fixtures against other schools.