Year 1

In Year 1 we endeavour to create a happy, purposeful and stimulating learning environment where children will be supported and encouraged to become active and effective learners.

We seek to build upon the many skills they have developed in the EYFS and are committed to ensuring that each child is able to realise his full potential in all aspects of learning including personal, social and emotional development.

Our aim is to develop confident and independent individuals who will aspire to our high expectations and take pride in contributing to the smooth running of Year 1 by adopting various roles and responsibilities within the class and representing the class on the School Council.

We provide a rich and diverse range of learning opportunities to stimulate, challenge and support each child’s learning at a level appropriate to his ability.

In Year 1 lessons are subject based, with numeracy and literacy lessons taught daily. Specialist French, Sports and Music teachers provide opportunities for the children to develop their skills and extend their knowledge in these subjects.


Spoken Language – speaking audibly and fluently with increasing confidence to different people. Listening, understanding and responding to others, considering different viewpoints and participating in group discussion and drama.

Reading - building upon phonological awareness, applying knowledge of phonemes to decoding words, using grammatical and contextual understanding and beginning to develop comprehension skills through individual and group reading and discussion of fiction, non-fiction texts, poetry and plays.

Writing – beginning to develop composition skills of writing, initially with sentences and extending to complete narratives, using interesting vocabulary, appropriate use of basic punctuation and grammar, improving spelling strategies, and handwriting skills.


Number – beginning to use and apply number through simple problem solving, communicating and reasoning, exploration of the number system, methods of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,) money and mental mathematics activities.

Measurement – understanding, comparing and using non-standard followed by standard units of measure for length, mass and capacity. Telling the time in fifteen minute intervals.

Geometry - understanding patterns and properties of shape, position, direction and movement.

Statistics – constructing and interpreting simple pictograms, tables, tally charts and block diagrams.

Using and Applying Mathematics - developing knowledge and understanding through practical activities, exploration and discussion.

Foundation Subjects

Art, Design, Science, Computing, Topic (Geography and History), PSHE and RE are taught weekly. 

Wherever possible the foundation subjects are linked, to provide the children with an opportunity to explore themes in greater depth and to relate different aspects of their world to their own experiences.

In Science, Materials, Plants and Animals including humans and weather are studied in blocks. The children begin to make simple predictions and complete group investigations and observations.

In Topic the boys study geographical and historical aspects of Houses and Homes, Tropical Rainforests and The Seaside.

The boys’ understanding of the curriculum is further enhanced through visiting specialists to the school and relevant and local educational outings such as the Look Out Discovery Centre in Bracknell, Wisley Gardens and Thames Young Mariners.