Adventures outside the classroom are plentiful at WCPS and in 2021 we set up The Squirrels Exploration Society and a permanent link with Surrey Outdoor Learning & Development (SOLD). In the Autumn Term, every child in Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) attends six half-day sessions on Wimbledon Common with SOLD. They are taught by specialist instructors and are accompanied by Mr Morrison, Mr Foster and members of the Key Stage 1 teaching team.

The primary purpose of these outdoor sessions is to develop confidence, resilience, creativity, and self-awareness in the boys. The children engage in a variety of team building and problem-solving activities where they need to work together collaboratively towards a common goal. Research shows that being in nature enhances pupil mental wellbeing and concentration. It also offers a different learning avenue to children who are better suited to a practical and kinaesthetic learning environment.  

These sessions teach the children valuable life skills that are also useful preparation for our feeder schools. Many of these schools request that the children attend an informal group activity morning where the focus in on teamwork and problem solving.